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Does it cost money to register for an account?
No. Registration is free of cost and qualifies you to earn referral commission by referring investors to

What do I need when registering?
You need a unique username, a unique password, a valid e-mail address and at least be able to use at least one of our accepted payment types.

What payments do you accept?
We currently accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Perfect Money, Payeer, Dash, and Doge.

Do you accept VISA or Mastercard?
No we do not accept VISA or Mastercard as of the moment. We will update everyone as soon a we have selected a card processing service provider who can satisfy our checklist of requirements from such company.

Do you accept Bank Wire or Money Transfer?
Yes we do. We only provide our bank account information for our long term clients, those who have established a sense of trust mutually between us and them. There is also a minimum amount required for us to receive this kind of transfer because the fees involved and the processing time for such transfers are not exactly convenient for both parties.

How much is the minimum investment?
We believe that $10.00 is only good for those who wish to start checking our company status. And this is our minimum investment amount for one of our plans.

Can I make multiple deposits?
Yes. While you have active deposits running on our website, you can add more to the same plan or to a different plan and even in all of the plans. The number of deposit transactions you can make is not limited. Each deposit will have its own start and end date. Your current active deposits will not be affected by the new ones. Crediting of the earnings for each even if they are on the same plan, will be different from one another.

Can I use all of the payment types?
Yes you can. As explained above, you can choose to make more deposits using the same payment type or different payment types for each. The balances earned from each deposit will be based on the deposit's payment type used. The balances are separated per payment type and therefore you must request one transaction per balance payment type you have in your account. Each payment type balance must meet our minimum withdrawal limits to proceed.

What are the investment plans you offer?
Our first plan pays 1.25% weekly for 12 weeks. Each profit will be credited to the account holder every 7 days from the date and time of the deposit. This runs for a total of 12 weeks or 84 days.

Our second plan pays 6.50% monthly for 3 months. Each profit will be credited to the account holder every 30 days from the date and time of deposit. This runs for a total of 3 months or 90 days.

Our third plan pays 25.00% after 3 months. The profit will be in a one time lump sum after 3 months or 90 days from the date and time of deposit.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
If you use Perfect Money or Payeer, our minimum is $1.00 to be able to withdraw. And if you use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, or Doge, our minimum is $5.00.

Do I get my principal deposit back?
Yes, all of our plans are principal back plans upon completion of the plan's duration.

How can I sign up my referrals?
You need to share or send them your referral link which is available in your account after logging in. We also have animated banners which affiliates can use on their websites or on their ads as marketing materials.

What rate do you use for cryptocurrency deposits?
We use the real-time actual current USD value of the cryptocurrencies we use. When an investor makes a deposit and transfers the amount as instructed on the deposit confirmation page, the actual rate will calculate the amount of cryptocurrency you need to send.

However, since we require cryptocurrencies to have at least 3 confirmations from their respective blockchains or ledgers, the actual amount and value of the cryptocurrencies you transfer at the time of the 3rd confirmation will be the one that will be credited in your deposit.

My minimum deposit was added to my balance, why?
As explained on the above question and answer, the value may fluctuate from the time of transfer from the time of the 3rd confirmation. To avoid your transfer going to the account balance, we suggest that you at least make a deposit at least a dollar or more than our minimum deposit amount.

But that is all the amount I had, can you help?
We understand that we all do not have control over the USD value of cryptocurrencies, so if your deposit goes to your account balance, because the value went down upon confirmation, then you may contact us and we will add the necessary amount to make sure your deposit reaches our minimum amount for depositing.

How much is your referral commission?
Our referral commission rate is a variable from 2.00% up to 8.00% depending on the number of active investors in your downline. We are speaking of the direct referrals only. The table below will give you an idea of how much the commission becomes on each and every total of active investors in your downline becomes.

Number of Referrals Commission Rate
1st to 10th Active Referrals 2.00%
11th to 20th Active Referrals 3.00%
21st to 30th Active Referrals 4.00%
31st to 50th Active Referrals 5.00%
51st to 75th Active Referrals 6.00%
76th to 100th Active Referrals 7.00%
101st and more Active Referrals 8.00%

How does the referral commission work exactly?
It is pretty simple, if you only have 1 up to 10 active investors under you, your commission will be set at 2.00%. However, when you get 11 up to 20 total active investors in your downline, your referral commission rate setting will be at 3.00%. And from when you have 21 up to 30 active investors under you, your commission goes higher again and becomes 4.00%. As the table above shows, your commission when your total active referrals become 101 and more, your commission rate becomes 8.00%.

Whenever your commission goes up, it stays at that rate until you reach another level which is based on the total number of active investors you have in your network of direct referrals.

Don't you have 2nd level or more in your affiliates program?
We currently do not have a multi level referral commission offer. We will update as soon as we provide this.

Can I update my account information?
Your e-mail address cannot be edited. If for some reason, you need your registered e-mail address changed, you will need our help in editing it. Prepare to be questioned and requested to provide proof of ownership of the account.

When it comes to your payout accounts fields, if the payment type has never been filled up before (on registration or from your account), then you can fill it up with your payment information once. Once you have filled it up, you can no longer update it, of course, this is for security reasons. Again, if for some reason, you need to change your payout account information, you will need our help , so please contact us if you do.

How long must I wait for my request for withdrawal?
Our average processing time for withdrawal requests is typically within 24 to 72 hours.

I sent a support request since I need help, how long to receive a reply?
Support tickets are handled by our support team and they usually answer within 12 to 24 hours. We try to handle and answer tickets as soon as possible so do not be surprised if at times you receive a response within minutes.

Can multiple users sign up using the same computer?
Yes, you can sign up multiple accounts using a single computer if you are honestly doing it. We may require proof if the number registered in one single IP address becomes unusually too many.

How many accounts can one household have?
Each household can only have up to 5 accounts registered on one IP Address.

Can each household member refer each other?
Yes they can. This, we believe is fair for our investors and should not be a problem.

What happens after I make an investment?
All you have to do is wait for your profits to show up in your account, depending on which plan you chose. As soon as you receive your profit and the amount meets the minimum withdrawal amount allowed for the payment type, this should show up in your account balance in your account panel, then you can withdraw the amount and it should be processed within 24 to 72 hours.

Can everyone register for an account?
Yes, for as long as you have access to the internet and you are at least 18 years old just to be sure you are at a matured mind to say the least when making investments in any company. It does not matter where you reside, as long as you have access to our website, and your country does not forbid investing in online companies like Bettors and Trade Bookies Limited, then feel free to set up an account and start inevsting.

Someone signed up under me but he does not show up in my network?
From time to time, some browsers may not log the referral link that you sent your downline and therefore, we can manually put the user to the correct upline or referrer if the downline contacts us and requests it.

The upline cannot request this, only the downline can contact us and we will honor the request.

I want to be moved under a different upline, how?
You may contact us for this. Depending on who your upline is, we may allow being moved under someone else. It is within our full discretion if we will allow such request. It does not hurt to ask, so please check and ask us.

I made a deposit via cryptocurrencies and its not yet added, why?
We require your cryptocurrency transfer to have at least 3 confirmations before our system adds it automatically to your active investments. This may take some seconds to minutes and sometimes hours depending on the load of the blockchain of the cryptocurrency you chose to use.

My withdrawal was processed, but it's not showing up in my wallet?
Cryptocurrency wallets differ from provider to provider. Each has their own confirmation requirements per cryptocurrency type. Some wallet providers may also require a minimum incoming transfer amount, so please check with your wallet providers for the information.

Aside from this, confirmations may take a while for them to show up in your cryptocurrency wallets.

Is there a fee for withdrawal processing?
We charge no fee for outgoing transfers. We absorb the transaction fees and we do not charge an administrative fee for this.

Why is the website logging me in and out?
Please try to reset your internet connection and clear your browser cache and cookies. Or you may try to try to use a different internet connection and / or a different browser. If this happens when using a mobile phone, try again after some hours or minutes. You may also try logging in using a computer and vice versa.