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Terms & Conditions

Rules & Agreements.

All interested parties must understand and agree to our terms and conditions.

Registered users shall fully comply with all of Bettors and Trade Bookies Limited conditions for a hassle-free experience within our website.

Registration Compliance

Everyone who registers must enter required information and shall agree that while we supply all the tools to protect your account such as 2FA and constant monitoring of account activities to detect malicious activity patterns, registered users are the ones responsible for ensuring security of their account. We advice that, if you could, you must use a unique e-mail address that you do not use with other platforms and websites with the same nature as ours. Apply the same rule for the password you want to use on our website.

When on the registration page, you are not required to enter any payment address or account information and you can enter these information after registration and logging into the account and entering the information in your profile in our website. You can only enter this information once and you cannot modify it later on. This is done for security reasons and as a proactive method in preventing someone from withdrawing funds from your account should they be able to login to your account.

All information you enter must be valid and working, most especially your e-mail address so we can contact you should the need arise. Your e-mail is also the main information we use to validate queries regarding your account and your funds. As mentioned above, editing of payment accounts is not allowed once they are filled up, so when you contact us to modify these information, we will use your e-mail address as a reference for validation together with your secret question and your answer.

Payments Information Bettors and Trade Bookies Limited accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Perfectmoney and Payeer. You are free to make transactions in any or multiple or even all of the payment types we accept. Each transaction is separate from each other and so will the balances that these transactions will credit to your account.

Deposit transactions have a minimum amount of $10 for the 25% After 3 Months Plan (90 days duration), while $25 for the 6.5% Monthly for 3 Months plan (90 days duration) and $50 for the 1.25% Weekly for 12 Weeks plan (84 days duration).

Withdrawal transactions have a minimum of $1.00 for Perfectmoney and Payeer, and it is $5.00 for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash.

Withdrawals processing time is 24 hours up to 72 hours and can be processed faster than normal at times. We process withdrawals 7 days a week for your reference.

Affiliates Information

Bettors and Trade Bookies Limited has a different yet lucrative approach when it comes to our referral commission rate. Every registered user can earn commissions without any registered deposit / investment in our website by referring active depositors or investors. Everyone starts with 2% as the commission when you only have 1 to 10 active referrals. Active referrals are the referrals or downlines of yours who have active deposits.

When affiliates refer their 11th active downline, they level up their referral commission to 3%. This is the commission rate affiliates will receive until they reach another level which increases the commission to 4%, and that happens when affiliates refer their 21st active downline. Commission rate changes to 5% when they get their 31st referral, then 51st active referral commission rate will be at 6%, on your 76th active downline, it will be set at 7% and lastly on the 101st active referral, you will have reached our highest commission rate of 8% and from then on, your commission is permanently fixed at 8%.


Bettors and Trade Bookies Limited is not discriminating when it comes to account holders. We softly allow multiple account holders in our system which are tagged as multiple accounts only due to circumstantial evidences such as having the same IP address, because we understand that many other countries share the same IP address with multiple households. This is an inaccurate reference to flag accounts as multiple accounts owned by 1 person.

We are using a different system and pattern check to identify malicious and abusive accounts. With the way that our Affiliate program is designed, we understand that this may tempt users to make multiple accounts and make small deposits to get to the highest level of commission, but believe us that we will immediately identify such accounts and impose the needed action for the accounts involved.

We forbid the use of SPAM as a way of advertising. We love our domain name and we do not wish to get it blacklisted in any website if one or many of our users use such a method for marketing purposes. Please avoid SPAM at all cost.


We would like to let every registered use know that we only use official e-mail addresses in communicating with our registered investors. If you receive e-mails coming from a different address and posing as Bettors and Trade Bookie Limited, please report to us immediately.